No-Break Installations



What is a no-break power supply system? When there is a power outage in a business or organization, the entire production or operation within the company comes to a grinding halt. A no-break installation ensures that when there is a power failure, the emergency power supply kicks in. This means that when there is a power failure, the no-break system will continue to supply power seamlessly and smoothly. This ensures that normal business operations and activities can continue on emergency power without interruption.

3 x 250 KVA no-break sets
2000 KVA No-break
Euro - Diesel



Zwart Techniek BV is the appointed representative of Euro-diesel in the Netherlands for the supply and maintenance of 100% dynamic UPS systems, known as diesel No-Break KS (Drups). This system offers the following advantages:

  • 5% internal reaction rate
  • Guaranteed start of the diesel engine
  • Rotor speed limited to 2600 rpm (guaranteed longer lifespan of 10 years)
  • Smaller footprint (m2) per kVA
  • Brushless technology
  • Electromagnetic coupling
  • Use of globally approved diesel engines


The power range of Diesel No-Break units range from 75 to 2000 kVA for critical (priority) loads and, shortly afterwards, an uncritical load of an extra 500 kVA, thanks to the large diesel engine. Interested in our dynamic no-break systems (DRUPS)? Contact us!

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