Scheybeeck Investments and Beek Capital acquire an interest in Zwart Techniek

Scheybeeck Investments and Beek Capital acquire an interest in Zwart Techniek

Scheybeeck Investments and Beek Capital have acquired a majority interest in Zwart Techniek from IJmuiden. Ton Zwart and Jack Zwart have taken this decision due to the lack of a family successor. With this investment, the long term continuity of the business is guaranteed. The board of directors will be continued by Paul van der Weiden and Eric Heijnsbroek, who will both participate in Zwart and together hold the remaining interest. As management adviser, Ton Zwart remains closely involved.

Ton Zwart, former general director: “Zwart Techniek began 85 years ago in the maritime sector and is, now for decades a reliable partner in emergency power and uninterruptible power supply. Scheybeeck offers our company the opportunity to develop based on the foundations that we have built over the years, whilst retaining our own identity and independence. With the continuity in the management team and the participation of Scheybeeck and Beek Capital, I have faith that the future of the company and its employees is guaranteed.” Paul van der Weiden adds: “The current strategy will be continued, neither our employees nor our clients shall notice any consequences as a result of the change.”

Dick Burger, general director at Scheybeeck Investments: “Just as Zwart Techniek, we are a family business in origin. We cherish the values and standards that are associated with that. Especially the personal involvement and consideration and action for the long term. The management has a clear long term vision and we shall fully support them in their ambitions to grow.”

About Zwart Techniek
Zwart Techniek was created in 1930 by Henk Zwart in IJmuiden. The business is an established name in the delivery, service and maintenance of emergency power and diesel, gas and solar driven power plants. The business is known for its turn-key power plants and emergency power supply solutions and operates nationally and internationally. The client portfolio comprises of datacentres, airports, governments, installers, banks, industrial, maritime and offshore businesses, among others. With their expertise in control systems and technology, they integrate solutions fitting the client’s needs and requirements. The maintenance of installations worldwide is an integral part of the energy security they offer to their clients. There are approximately 70 employees.

About Scheybeeck Investments and Beek Capital
Scheybeeck Investments has joined forces in this transaction with Beek Capital, an investment society belonging to Jan Dobber. Scheybeeck Investments is an independent  investment company that takes part in enterprises with a strong market position or the potential for this. The focus is directed at the market for service, maintenance and service industries. Companies in which Scheybeek participates are BUKO Huisvesting, BUKO Infrasupport, ECO Toilet, Flash Services, Vos Logistics,
IJmond Transport Group, S-P-S Group, Medizon, RECO, Consolid, Alvero, Visual Retailing and
Etro Vastgoedzorg.